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3D Animation & Modeling

  • thumb_mrp
    A Molecular Journey through Space and Time
  • thumb_still
    Still Life
    3D Model
  • thumb_spidroin
    Spidroin Editorial
    Journal Cover
  • thumb_nervous
    Somatic Nervous System
    3D Model

Data Visualization & Interactive Development

  • thumb_fractals
    Fractal Visualizations
    Data Visualization
  • thumb_biodiversity
    Taxonomic Biodiversity
    Data Visualization
  • thumb_airportmap
    Airport Route Map
    Data Visualization
  • thumb_tympanic
    Cetacean Tympanic Bones
    Data Visualization
  • thumb_oscilloscope
    Virtual Oscilloscope
    Data Visualization
  • thumb_curvesToGeom
    Curves to Geometry
    Maya Tool/User Interface
  • thumb_floodmap
    Boston Flood Map
    Data Visualization

Digital Illustration

  • thumb_immunology
    Adaptive Immune System
  • thumb_snakebite
    Two-Page Spread
  • thumb_neuro
    Vestibular Schwannoma
    Textbook Page
  • thumb_hoopoe
    Digital Painting
  • thumb_cavityNest
    Woodpecker Cavity Nest
    Digital Painting
  • thumb_humanWoodpeckerBrains
    Woodpecker/Human Skull/Brain
    Digital Painting
  • thumb_hipflexors
    Flexors of the Hip
    Digital Painting

Traditional Illustration

  • thumb_scapula
    Textbook Illustration
  • thumb_palsy
    Muscles of Facial Expression
    Textbook Illustration
  • thumb_tissueExpander
    Tissue Expander Insertion
    Textbook Page